Fur is not a fashion statement essay

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Using Animal Fur Is A Fashion Crime

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Leather and Fur Clothes Should Be Banned

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All of this just to make a fashion statement. That image is disturbing. There are so many different ways to make a fashion statement, so why choose this way? Yes, it may look “cool”, “innovative”, and “timeless”. But, how about considering faux fur? It’s the same look, yet it doesn’t harm animals.

Below is an essay on "Fur Is Not a Fashion Statement" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples/5(1). Fur and Animal Fur Essay; Fur and Animal Fur Essay.

Submitted By through cities and on our television screens so our kind can attempt to make a fashion statement.

To provide you with the approximate scales of the problem, it takes up to 80 mink skins to create one mink coat; now imagine how many animals are being tortured through inappropriate living conditions every day; this is not to mention that they are being cruelly killed through electrocution or neck-breaking—just to prevent any damage to their skins and fur (Fashion With A Heart).

It is said that leather fur coats can never go out of fashion. With the brand new materialization of formation, design, and silhouette this season, designers have made leather fur a chief ingredient in the fashion arena. The common faux or artificial fur does not come at the cost of animals, and it comes in diverse animal-like designs.

You won't be pulling any punches when you deliver this powerful persuasive speech Fur is not a fashion statement – It's a death sentence.

You will persuade your audience that using furs for clothing exposes animals to unnecessary suffering. You'll point out that modern synthetic materials can give everyone the look and warmth of fur.

Fur is not a fashion statement essay
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